Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have you heard of Blurfing??

Well, I've joined my second Bloggers group, so I spend lots of time Blog Surfing...Blurfing! It's fun and you get to see so many wonderful inspirational bloggers! We all check out each others blog each week, which helps to keep me motivated to keep my blog updated weekly.

You really should check out my rolls on the left column. First I joined Blog group #5 and I've had so much fun with the ladies on those blogs that last night I joined "Surfin' Oceans 11" and checking out their blogs over the past 24 hours has not been boring, they have so many great projects and cards, scrapbook pages and interesting tales about their lives.

Off to do more Blurfing!!


Grace said...

Hi Katie! What a great blog you have! It's fun and creative! I'm so glad you joined Ocean's 11.... we just got started so we are all just getting to know eachother... it's a great group with tons of talent!!! I see you're a Maine girl... me too!!! I lived in Wells and Shapleigh... I still miss it, though I don't miss shoveling snow off the roof! LOL! I'm in NC now for 10 years and really do like it here! So glad to have you join us and looking forward to getting to know you better!!!

laos348 said...

Hi Katy! I told my dh this weekend I was going to blurf and he gave me the strangest look! Can't wait to see more of your creative work!

The Mama Monkey said...

Katie! So glad to have you in this group as well! Welcome!

Maria (Inky Stamper) said...

Hi Katie!

I just joined your SCS Blog Group 11. Your work is beautiful. I will enjoy visiting your blog!

Have a fantastic day :)

Carmen said...

Your blog is so interesting and inspiring. I really admire creative people - sadly, I'm not one of them!

I found your blog in a search for Virginia Beach bloggers.