Friday, February 29, 2008

Thinking of you...

Today marks 6 months since my Dad left this earth to go HOME, he is missed each and every day. It's wonderful knowing where he is and that is he once again healthy and without pain.

He and Mom had a wonderful life together & had 4 great children. My Mom and my siblings are the world to me! He made that all possible.

Yes, that is me in his arms...35 years ago.

Everything Dad
A little girl needs her daddy
To love her with manly charm,
To soothe her when she’s hurt,
And keep her safe from harm.

A girl needs her dad
To show her a man who’s good,
To help her make right choices,
As only a father could.

A woman needs her father
Just to be aware,
He’ll always be there for her
To sustain her and to care.

You’ve been all these things, Dad.
I hope that you can see
How much I treasure you;
You mean everything to me.

By Joanna Fuchs

Knowing where he is just brings such peace. In the last 6 months I've done a lot of dreaming about what Heaven is like.... I Can Only Imagine one of my favorite songs. And I know some day we'll be reunited again.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy Week!

WOW what a week. I’ve been so busy! Not posting on here, though! LOL Anyway, this week I’ve been getting cards made and I just finished loading many of them onto my new Etsy store. And I’ve been busy placing things on eBay too! (both links are on the left side of the blog) I’m just all over the WWW!

Next week I'll be working on some Asian themed cards, so be looking for those. I have lots of Washi paper from our tour in Okinawa and it's so fun to work with!

I guess this extra day in February is going to be a good one for me, it will help me catch up on all that I’ve missed while I was doing all this other stuff, lol. Maybe I’ll get chance to relax this weekend before I start another busy week next week.

March is arriving!! In like a Lion...out like a Lamb...or so we are all hoping...and waiting on that Lamb!!! It’s been so COLD here, but I’ve been warned not to complain too much. My family, in Maine, is getting dumped on with all that SNOW!! It makes me happy to at least not have to shovel, even though it’s cold. I can’t wait for SUMMER!!

Enjoy your Leap~Day! And we'll all welcome in March!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Opened my own store!!!

Today I opened my own store....ok, not like a shop front or anything really fancy like that. You can't just drive up and walk in and see my smiling face, however wonderful that would be! What I did was open an on-line store over at Etsy! I only have a few items on there right now, but check in from time to time and you might find something that will fit the bill for a birthday, anniversary, or other time of celebration!

The link is (and will remain for easy asscess) to the left...
or visit at:
Katie's Niche on Etsy
Edit: To those wondering if I can do special orders on the name frames:
I'd be happy to. I don't have any 'frames' on hand right now, but I'll
be out this week to see what I can find.
E-mail me what you'd like for colors/names.
I will take PayPal for payments.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My 'Studio'

It's hard to take a room view of this space, but I certainly have space!! In Japan, I had only the end of the dining room. Now, I have a whole room!

It's a converted garage, totally finished with recessed lighting and carpet and for those HOT summers, central air! Couldn't ask for a better spot! Check out my SCS Gallery page (link on the left) for more craft room pics. I have space for all my crafts & my computer! I can display my cards and crafts!! It's great!! I have more organizing to do, but wanted to share where I was at so far!

And these are my lovely duo. Usually in the same room of the house as I am, at any given point. And they love it when I get a new shipment in. It means new PAPER for them, which they love...oh, yeah, and the BOX!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Current Stampin' UP! Special Offer

It’s Sale~A~Bration Time!

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All Settled In!

We are finally settled in from our move to Virginia! Welcome to my new blog!!

We found a great townhouse that's we've leased for 18 months until we decide where we want to buy! But, for right now, this is great!! I've got my very own 'Studio'. It houses not only all my paperwork and computer...but also all my stamping addictions! My hubby is so good to me! I have room here for others to come get inky with me!!

We are really loving our new digs. Our daughter's room is so big! She has been used to the small military housing's bedrooms and this one really lets her expand! And even hubby has his own office. We might never leave!

Better yet, we have a screened porch off the back and the kitties love to hang around out there and we don't have to worry about their safety!

Now to get used to this whole blogging system and make it fun for everyone to visit :)