Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day

When I was a kid in school, we had two days off this time of the year. One for President Lincoln and one for President Washington. I guess I must be so OLD that they figured there were so many more Presidents that they would just all have to share one day, HA!

Today was supposed to be a day off from school for my daughter, but back in January they had a snow day. Yup, here in coastal Virginia, a snow day....however that day it never snowed. They were certainly expecting it to, it came up through North Carolina, but went out to sea before it came to us. So, they had a day off from school with no snow. Back home, we would never have missed a day 'in case of snow'....there would've had to actually been snow on the ground. And not just an inch...I mean a real snow!

Funny enough, we woke today to a dusting on the ground!! But, today being their 'make up day' for the day missed in January, they didn't cancel the school day over the dusting. I was shocked. People around here can't drive in even a dusting, there are always tons of accidents reported. But, I thought for sure this would be a big funny....the make up day needs to be made up, but she went. I thought I just had to snap a couple pictures to share.

Being from Maine, this is nothing, but I still think it's pretty.

Too bad the birds flew off when I went outside to snap this picture:

And here the snow is just sitting on the tops of the fence:

And this is a path in the back yard, I love how the snow doesn't cling to the stones.

Happy President's Day! Remember how hard those men work. Whether we voted for them or not, I wouldn't want their job. Pray for our President, he has a hard job ahead of him.

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The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

I was very angry when I awoke to snow and still had to get ready for school this morning.... lousy Virginia beach!!