Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time flies when you are having fun!

My little guy turned 18 months today!
One and a half, I can't believe it!
Time sure does fly when you are having fun!
And that is exactly what I'm having with this one.
He's such a joy...full of hugs and smiles.
He's so smart and funny!
I'm so blessed that my Lord gave this bundle to me.

This was taken in April, his first time at the beach this year.
He just loved walking on the sand and feeling it in his fingers.
It's going to be a fun summer! I love the beach.

And this is him in the back yard. He has a love
for water, so a water table was perfect for him.
Splash away my son!

And with 18 months comes curiosity! He found the
water/ice machine on the fridge. And I found a good use
for the extra rubber that comes on a set! I put three pieces
together and stuffed them under the levers. I don't use
them and we dont have a switch to turn it off, so these are
a great fix! Well...that is until he figures out how to pull
them out, lol.

Thanks for visiting today! Have a great night!

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Valerie Durham said...

Ah, they grow so quickly.....and what a smart mom to put that leftover stamp edge to use!

kat said...

Wow Katie, I can't believe how big he is. The photo on the beach is beautiful what a great moment.

peggysue said...

I'm so glad you are reveling in being a mom, there is nothing like it. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your daily life with DS.

Stephanie said...

what a cutie pie and what a head of hair!!! sending loads of blessings your way :)