Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's a B-O-Y!!!!

Yesterday was the long awaited ultra sound day!

I had lunch with friends the day before and they suggested drinking caffeine prior to the appointment so that the baby would move and make it easier to see the sex....well, the baby was very wiggly...I don't usually drink caffeine, so I think it made the little tyke a bit high, lol.

Bo and Chelsea went with me and the tech was great. She showed us everything, way more then I ever wanted to know, lol. We saw the baby's heart, kidneys, name it, she pointed it out to us.

Then came the looksie.....and there he was in all his glory, our little boy! Didn't take much searching to see that, lol.

We are thrilled at the news. Chelsea would rather it be a sister and has sworn to never change the diaper, but I'm sure that all this will change over time. She adores her BOY cousin and didn't let anyone hold him his first Christmas, so I'm sure she'll grow to adore her little brother too.

His name will be Garrett William. Garrett is a good Irish name and also a town in Texas, which is where Bo comes from, so it fits all the bills.....we've had the name tucked away for a number of years now, so it was about time we pulled it out. And the middle name is actually Bo's first name.

He'll arrive the week before Thanksgiving. All looks good and they say he's measuring at 13oz right now.


Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

I just found your blog by following your comment on another blog, but I wanted to say congratulations! I have a 2yo and 3mo (both boys) and they are so much fun! :)

Rosella said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
God bless you and your little son!!