Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elmo, Cake and Mommy's Big Boy

Hello again everyone!

Now I am a whole year old! Mommy cried. She said that the year went by too fast. She said that even though she’s thrilled with each moment, she can’t believe that it was a year ago that I was placed into her arms for the first time. I remember that too, I knew that very moment that I was the luckiest kid alive.

She said I’m her turkey. Since my birthday was on Thanksgiving, she even got me a special bib. It had a turkey on it and a 1, so I must be her #1 turkey. I think it looked rather good on me.

I had fun on my birthday. I got to try some new foods… I haven’t decided what I like to eat. I sometimes let her get it into my mouth, but quite often it comes right back out…sometimes I even reach Mommy with it, it’s funny. She says she doesn’t like to wear my lunch. And now that I’m one, I even get milk and that stuff is yummy, but not nearly as yummy as EGG NOG, that stuff rocks!!

And chocolate…where have they been hiding this. My cake was chocolate with my buddy Elmo on the top (and yes...Mommy made my cake). I tried to get him off the cake so that he could celebrate with me, but I smudged him instead and well, at that point I thought I’d just lick him off my fingers, that seemed to work.

So, the secret is, all you have to do to get some fun new toys is have a birthday. That seems easy enough. And everyone around seems to have done it plenty of times, so I think I like how this works. And Mommy even made me a cool Elmo card.

(images taken from online, Elmo flocked, cake/1 glittered)

After I finished my cake…I started in on my hat. That was really yummy!!

Over the past six months I grew so much! I am walking all over the place now and the house looks like a zoo, really it does! Not that I’m an animal or that we have lions or anything…but there are cages everywhere! There must be some really great stuff beyond those gates, I’m going to find out soon, but the plan is still in the works. For now, when she is in the other room, I will just stand there and yell at her to come back. She seems to like this.

I also have 8 whole teeth! I have a really handsome smile! Yup, I use it all the time and it really helps me to get what I want. But, when it doesn’t work, I use the old standby, crocodile tears! Those things are awesome!! And they really come in handy. Mom says that although I don’t talk yet, she usually knows what I want, she's right.

Well, that is all for now, I’ll be back, just you wait and see.

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Tracy said...

Happy birthday to the little one!!

I love the Elmo card. I rarely think to incorporate "other" stuff on my cards. I'll have to keep this in mind when nephews' birthdays roll around. :)

Valerie Durham said...

You know, Katie, you really must save that as journaling for a scrapbook! It is absolutely terrific!
The Elmo card is delightful! I love the flocking and all the glitter. And if you made the cake, it was terrific, too!!!

Grace said...

Wow... what a treasure you have here! How fun was this birthday party and the card was adorable! The flocking was perfect! I love the photos the best! They grow so quickly! Treasure every delightful moment!!!

peggysue said...

What a very happy birthday! Great cake, cute little card and what a treasure of a one year old! I know that year goes so fast, doesn't it? My what memories you brought back for me. Don't worry, 21 years later I still remember my first precious bundle being put in my arms and her bright little eyes. Wow, what a great birthday.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday! I love the Elmo cake and card!

Mary said...

What fun pictures and such a cute Elmo card! Happy Birthday big one year old!

Gina said...

He's just adorable! Fantastic job on the cake and matching card!

Susan said...

Now they were adorable birthday pictures, and the Elmo card was abosoultly adorable. Most of the cake looks like it ended up on the table, but it really looks like it was delicious.
So glad you made such a wonderful birthday party, they grow so quickly.
Enjoyed your post alot.

Diane said...

What a cutie pie! And I love the cake and card. I miss those days of creating fun things for my little guys...cause they are all grown up! Fun party!

Dell said...

What an adorable child and I can hardly believe it has been a year already too! Where does time go?

Love all the pics and I love the fun Elmo card. Perfect choice for such a handsome boy.

Stephanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Katie - what an adorable little guy you have! and that head of hair :) Love all the photos and the story that went along with them! thanks for sharing the big day...and great card & cake!!

The Mama Monkey said...

I love your flocked Elmo almost as much as that cutie of a son you have! Looks like a fun time was had by all!