Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prison Break

Any other fans out there?

It never fails. I get into a series and it ends.

I was only introduced to Prison Break 2 seasons ago when I was back home after my Dad passed. It was one of the shows Mom was watching, so I started watching it with her and I was hooked. I've yet to go back to season 1 & 2 to see how it all began, but I have plans to do that.

Anyway, I watched the 2 hour finale last night and it was all going so well. I knew it was ending, so that wasn't a surprise....and when they all were exonerated and went off to their lives, I was happy...then they show 4 years later....they should've warned me that I'd need Kleenex! Yes, seeing Michael's nose bleed on the beach and Sarah start crying, I knew it wasn't a good sign. But, seeing the dates....I don't think he even saw his son being born. How sad. Yup, I was crying like a baby...and actually holding my baby at the same time. He must've thought I lost it. But, luckily a baby won't remember that his mother was crying like one, lol.

I guess I don't have much else to say about it, but I've felt the nagging feeling to post about it all day. So, if you're a fan....give a shout out.

And for all my stamping buddies....I'm working on a couple things and I hope to post them in the very near future :)

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