Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cape Henry~Fort Story, VA

We went to visit the Old Cape Henry lighthouse today. It's located on Fort Story Army base in Virgina Beach, VA. How beautiful the day was! The old lighthouse is open for the public to climb to the top and see the sights. The new lighthouse is just across the way and still active. With the heat of the day, I was too dizzy to climb and after seeing the spiral staircase to the top, I knew I wouldn't make it to the top. Almost 3 months pregnant, I wasn't going to take the chance :)

Old Cape Henry was actually the first lighthouse approved by the first US congress! It was exciting to be standing next to a piece of history.

This is the New Cape Henry lighthouse.

After we went down to the beach, which is just beyond the new lighthouse. It was so beautiful. The beach was so quiet. Just a couple guys fishing off the shore, a couple sunbathers and some sand walkers :) These are actual pictures, taken today...not postcards, lol. I meant to take more from the beach side but forgot. So, all I have is the very close pic of the Old Cape Henry.


Newstampinaddict said...

What a pretty day for some sightseeing! I wouldn't have climbed the stairs either :-)

Virginia Bed and Breakfast said...

The Old Cape Henry Light-house was constructed in 1792. It started to break in 1870 and was exchanged by the new Cape Henry Lighthouse only 357 feet away, which is an energetic support to navigation and operated by the U.S Coast Guard. The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse is maintained by the APVA and is a National Historic Landmark, serving as the official symbol for the City of Virginia Beach.