Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busy Week!

WOW what a week. I’ve been so busy! Not posting on here, though! LOL Anyway, this week I’ve been getting cards made and I just finished loading many of them onto my new Etsy store. And I’ve been busy placing things on eBay too! (both links are on the left side of the blog) I’m just all over the WWW!

Next week I'll be working on some Asian themed cards, so be looking for those. I have lots of Washi paper from our tour in Okinawa and it's so fun to work with!

I guess this extra day in February is going to be a good one for me, it will help me catch up on all that I’ve missed while I was doing all this other stuff, lol. Maybe I’ll get chance to relax this weekend before I start another busy week next week.

March is arriving!! In like a Lion...out like a Lamb...or so we are all hoping...and waiting on that Lamb!!! It’s been so COLD here, but I’ve been warned not to complain too much. My family, in Maine, is getting dumped on with all that SNOW!! It makes me happy to at least not have to shovel, even though it’s cold. I can’t wait for SUMMER!!

Enjoy your Leap~Day! And we'll all welcome in March!!

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