Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A whole new year...

Hello everyone.

I'm sure you are all shocked to see that I am finally posting, after about 5 months. Crazy isn't it, how life just moves you in different directions. As this blog had mostly always been about paper crafting, I haven't inked up since May/June. Coming into my craft room today, I didn't know where things were. I also use this same room for my computer so it's not like I haven't been in here, but I didn't have any creative feelings in my soul, so I would just do my computer work, pay bills, email, facebook etc....and pretend that all those beautiful stamps, ribbons, paper etc weren't calling my name.

Since I last posted, my husband came back from a deployment, we went up to Maine for a visit, started homeschooling my teen, hubby went on another deployment for only 6 weeks, we celebrated our little one's second birthday,

enjoyed the holidays here and also went back to Maine to celebrate our Lord's birth there as well.

We had such a blessed Christmas, the Lord was so good to us. I just know that this new year will bring wonderful things to our family.

My husband is now on shore duty after what seemed like forever on sea duty. Even when we were overseas, he was always gone, so really it's been about 6 years since we've all just been home together. Now, he has an instructor position, so he'll be home regularly....later I'm sure you'll hear me post about how he's home too much.

Our teen is enjoying homeschooling. She is also enjoying the new laptop she received for Christmas. The PC she had been using went kaput......sorta like mine had over the summer, so we are both sporting new laptops. We can find her schooling in the dining room....in her room....in the living room.....on the road....it's nice to be so flexible. She is doing Switched On Schoolhouse 10th grade curriculum. It's working pretty well so far, yet we are undecided on which plan we will use for 11th grade.

Our two year old is in speech, has been since September, and doing well. He has many ways of getting his point across, from sounds, gestures, actual words and sign language. He's just behind in his speech articulation, so I believe by this time next year he'll be caught up and talking my ears off. He's such a happy tyke.

For Christmas he got a train table, and that has become his favorite place to hang out. Really anything .... planes, trains, automobiles ... that's his idea of fun.

The twins...our Maine Coons...are just as wonderful as ever. They hide quite often from the terror, I mean joy of our lives....our two year old. As he finds it funny to run after them just to do it. He doesn't hurt them, just loves to chase them around the house.

As for me. I'm adjusting to my teen being home all the time. Enjoying our playgroup for little ones my sons age. Loving our church family. Missing our families back home. And finally feeling like life isn't moving as quickly. I think this is why you are seeing me here today. I am working hard at slowing down. Spending more time in the Word, praying, reading etc. and I feel that is doing what I've been needing for quite some time. He knows what I need. He knows when I need it. It's always amazing to me how He just has it all planned out. I thought I would start back gently....beading pens :)

When I was home, I noticed that the ones I had previously made for my Mom were coming to the end of their ink supply, so time for a treat in the mail :) And I think I'll make some more and add them to my store. Something to start a spark at my Etsy store and in the core of my creativity. Maybe it's still there. Have a wonderful week.

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Dell said...

Katie, so glad to hear that all is doing well w/you and the family. Sounds like you have had a lot going on and needed the away time from your crafts. The pics are great! Those cats are awesome too.

Love the pens. I think taking it slow is a good thing. Like you said you needed the time to meditate w/our wonderful Lord and do things for your family. Take care and hope to see more of your gorgeous crafts soon.

Unknown said...

I have never tried beading pens, those are so pretty. I enjoyed reading your updates and I rejoice with you that your DH will be home with you more!!! Yay!!! That is harder than I could imagine I'm sure, having him gone so much.
I will have to look into that homeschooling program you mention. I can see the day when we will have to homeschool our DD again. Taking it slow is best I think and spending time in the word is never wrong.